welcome to my downloads page. This page has all sorts of downloadable goodies for you to muse over.



Here is the Starfox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet Desktop wallpaper. Comes in three flavours;

         Design #1            Design #2            Design #3            Design #4   NEWDesign #5

NEWDesign #6   NEWDesign #7   NEWDesign #8   NEWDesign #9   NEWDesign #10

NEWDesign #11

programs Part of our elaborate April fools day prank, this program is great for annoying friends.... Programmed by our very own webmaster, the Random Interview Generator is just what the budding interviewer needs. Ever wanted your very own desktop sheep? then click here and get Rover the E-sheep, you disturbed people. A 30K file that gives your desktop an internet time counter, much like windows clock.


heck.wav Wolf's infamous line "what the heck?"

001.mp3 - 513Kb preview of the Starfox Adventures theme

heck.wav Wolf's infamous line "what the heck?"


Microsoft_propergander.avi    818Kb Windows Media footage of overweight Microsoft staff...

001.mpg                                 846Kb Windows Media preview of Starfox Adventures

Amy V Dragon I.wma      3847Kb Windows Media footage of Amy beating up on an oversized lizard


MIDI is a type of digital music file that takes up very little space (usually between 10-20K) none of these should take more then 30 seconds, and all were sequenced by me.


Mt Tararanch.mid            Mt. Tararanch\tal tal heights overworld theme from link's awakening

Nocturne of Shadow.mid Nocturne of shadow ocarina song from ocarina of time 

Termina field.mid             Termina field from mojara's mask.


Egg_rocket.mid               Zone 6, act one from Sonic Advance

Endless mine.mid             Endless mine zone from sonic 3

Act one.mid                     The act 1 boss music from Sonic & Knuckles

Eggbot.mid                      Eggbot & Robotnik's theme from Sonic & Knuckles

Metallix.mid                     Metallix's theme from sonic & Knuckles


Mine.mid        The music from the various mine levels in Donkey Kong country 2

riverbank.mid  The music from the riverbank levels of Donkey Kong country 3

lava jungle.mid  A remix of the lava music from Donkey Kong country 2


GS Trainer.mid Jothro trainer battle music

GS stadium.mid Jothro trainer remix

GS Rival.mid    Rival battle music


Andes This font was made famous by sonic 3. it is an integral pat of this site, and I suggest downloading it to get the full effect of this site.

Download now

This is the new official site font. Download and install now to get the very most out of Starwing HQ

Download now

Creepy"All my own blood!"

Download now

GaslightThe sonic 2 font. Not used on this site, but still cool. (note: works best with caps lock ON)

Download now

NEW  The font used in Phantasy Star Online. Hard to read, but it still looks cool.

Download now

SegaThe Sega logo font. 'nuff said. ( a little glitchy. No caps mode or puncuitation)

Download now