"But what is off da wall?", I hear the masses cry (okay, not the masses. A sizeable minority......a few.......some....a Literally, it is ideas that have been bounced off the wall. Stuff that should have been stopped at the planning stage, either due to common sense or federal law....

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Letís Do This Thing! NEW!

Submitted by Random Interviewers. Contact Xaber Graze for more details

As if one madman wasn't enough, we give you four... Oh, the insanity!

Anoko and Recamen - Unplanned

Submitted by Recamen.

What is the plot behind this ODW? That will remain one of life's greatest, unanswered questions.

Angel of the Sands

Submitted by Recamen.

This story of angels, treasure and evil, brought to you by Sand. It's everywhere!

IMtolerable #1

Submitted by Lee & Grey.

Einstein and chickens, together at last...

Aftershock's Holliday

Submitted by Aftershock

Holiday plan well not go.

Basket Case

Submitted by Ganon

A depressed lizard hooked on Basil: Can anything pull Ganon out of this rut?

Things Past

Submitted by Aftershock

Albert Einstein is turning in his grave, after seeing how badly Aftershock & Co. can abuse E=MC2

Rumblings of Evil

Submitted by Voltz Megawatt

A evil force is bent on destroying earth. Fortunately, we have a new wild card to play....

Problems of Death

Submitted by Grey Wolf

A sprit out for revenge takes over the Reaper. Grey will not stand for this...

The Homecoming

Submitted by Aya Brea

Aya's welcome back party doesn't go quite according to plan....

Peppy's Birthday

Submitted by Random interviewers

Buy Peppy a present, and turn up at the party. Simple, right? Not if you're an Interviewer....

Dark Days

Submitted by Charlie

A dark force has to be overcome, using any means necessary...

Ganon's Rampage

Submitted by Ganon

Ganon's sword goes missing. He doesn't take it too well...

A Starwing Christmas carol

Submitted by Bowe

A Christmas Carol, Starwing-Style!

Starwing Psychiatrist

Submitted by IamErtai and Firiel

We can't afford a real psychiatrist, so we had to use a second-rate piece of software instead...

Absolutely Flawless

Submitted by Runewolf

Two different drafts of Rune's first Interview.

The Contest

Submitted by Cackoo

The HQ guys get talked into doing a game show

Cackoo and Jigglypuff - Unplanned!

Submitted by Cackoo & Jigglypuff

A desperate attempt to outclass LN and BG in terms of general randomness.

Double Trouble

Submitted by Random interviewers

GUN kidnap Aeris! Time to send in the HQ Task Force...

Animal Instincts

Submitted by Random Interviewers

A mysterious weapon demorphs all the interviews, and a desperate quest to restore them is launched

All Night Long

Submitted by Jolteon

Jolteon is working for Microsoft? And he's in multiple places at once?

The Outtakes

Submitted by Jolteon

Random cuttings from the editing floor of Jolteon's mind.

"The Babysitter"

Submitted by Raptor

Raptor and Regina dump Aeris on Jolteon for the day. What could possibly go wrong?

Microsoft Christmas

Merry Christmas, from Bill Gates.

The Legacy of Dark Jolteon

Submitted by Jolteon

Dark Jolteon may be dead, but his base of operations is still running undisturbed. Until today...

SF Interview camp

Submitted by Jason McCloud

The interviewers find themselves facing up against some familiar-looking people....

Fox's Bad Fur day!

Submitted by Ultimate Fan

Fox has a little anger problem......

Lady and Butterfly - Unplanned!

Submitted by Lady Nightshade & Butterfly Girl

LN and Butterfly talk about any random stuff they can think of...

You know you've been playing too much Starfox when....

Submitted by Psychospunky

....Or signs of SAS (Starfox Addiction Syndrome)

The Cow Game

Submitted by Lady Nightshade

Better than dating Fara. Just.

When too mush Starfox is enough

Submitted by Psychospunky

Dude, not even we've tried most of this stuff...

Sillabub's Really Weird Responses

Submitted by Sillabub

The most messed-up agony aunt on the planet gives "Useful" advise...


Submitted by Puffy Wolf

All dunking droughts and foods stands on red alert....

Two signs you've played/read too much Star Fox

Submitted by Ted Perrotti

The definitive test for raving Starfox-fandom

Top ten reasons why Slippy has a high Voice...

Submitted by Psychospunky

Plausible reasons for why Slippy speaks in octave-soprano